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Your human capital is your greatest asset and critical to the success of your business. Yet managing benefits, payroll and HR processes can be costly and time-consuming especially with decreasing budgets and rising healthcare and administrative costs. This is why HRC recommends utilizing technology to deliver on-demand services to streamline transactional HR and reduce overhead costs.

HRC has done the research for you, offering what we consider to be among the best-in-class Human Resource Information Services (HRIS) solutions to our clients.

AscentisHR Overview

The ‘Easy-to-Use’ HRIS

Ascentis HR (formerly HROffice®) is an easy-to-use, wizard-based HR management system that manages and tracks employee data throughout the entire employment cycle. Employee information is instantly and electronically accessible – and always up-to-date. The HR staff is immediately more efficient, accurate and accelerated.

Ascentis HR manages and displays many levels of employee data, including:

Comprehensive Benefits Management

Ascentis HR supports a wide variety of benefits plans with powerful, rules-based benefits engines.  Benefit plans only need to be set up once.  HR can easily report on point-in-time benefits for any past, current or future date.  Ascentis HR automatically calculates employees’ and dependents’ eligibility status.  The system provides complete historical information that tracks all enrollment changes including what changed, when it changed and who made the change.  Ascentis HR supports conventionally insured plans and self-funded plans, and quickly generates benefits statements.

Ascentis HR supports many types of benefits, including:


Ascentis HR tracks FMLA data including number of hours available and paid vs. unpaid leave.  COBRA management keeps your company in compliance and eliminates the cost of outsourcing COBRA management.


Ascentis HR tracks all leave-types, including vacation, sick and jury duty.  The system calculates eligibility, accrual, lump sums, carry-over, amount taken and amount available.


Quickly and easily create customized tabs to track the unique information that your company needs to manage, such as company-issued property, certifications and training.

Innovative Employee Communications

The Ascentis HR Correspondence Wizard allows HR to quickly communicate with individuals or groups via e-mail.  E-mails are automatically captured in employees’ records so HR can easily retrieve a correspondence history of the content and date sent.

Compensation Management

With Ascentis HR, an unlimited number of compensation plans, with pay grade levels, can be created.  Historical compensation information is easy to access.  The powerful “What If” analysis tool allows HR to quickly and easily see how changes to three variables (compa-ratio, percentage change and pay change) affect overall compensation.


Ascentis HR includes more than 300 pre-defined, customizable reports, including federal compliance reports.  With the Report Wizard, generating reports is simple and does not require IT staff help or technical knowledge of databases.

Ascentis HR also provides modules for:
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting
  • Time and Attendance
  • Manager Self-Service
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Benefits Carrier Connect
  • Alerts.

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CheckPointHR Overview

CheckPoint HR starts with the most powerful Web-based Human Resource Management System that combines function and power while placing it all at your fingertips, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. CheckPoint HR’s Human Resources Management System is powered by Ultimate Software and enhanced by CheckPoint HR investing thousands of hours of code to ensure their offering is ideal for mid-market businesses.

CheckPoint HR’s browser-based Human Resources software solution with administrative rights allows the HR Manager, Payroll Administrator or CFO the ability to drive and control the system just like they purchased software but at a fraction of the cost and with fewer headaches. CheckPoint HR’s Human Resource Management System is completely compatible with your current work style. Forget about new hardware, software, maintenance, updates, upgrades and IT labor costs typically associated with “Enterprise” solutions. Anytime, anywhere, your information is there, secure and waiting for you.

Web-based Payroll Service made Easy!

Timely and accurate payroll processing is a basic requirement of every business. With CheckPoint HR’s Human Resources Management Software platform, you will substantially streamline and automate your payroll processing and tax filing.

Online Payroll Report Access

Prior to completing your payroll, your pre-check register is available for viewing online. As soon as payroll processing is completed, dozens of standard and custom reports are instantly available. Payroll processing with CheckPoint HR also means seamless integration with your time and attendance and General Ledger (GL).

Employee-Friendly Payroll Software

Your employees will also benefit from CheckPoint HR’s online payroll services. Through 24/7 self-service, they can access their personal pay history, W-2, W-4, benefits data, paid time off data, personnel documents, training and completed course work.

Payroll Outsourcing with Fair Pricing

Put an end to payroll processing vendors that nickel and dime you every time they can. CheckPoint HR’s online payroll services are inclusive of the following

CheckPointChoice, a Payroll Integrated Benefit Solution for Today’s Employers and Employees

With CheckPointChoice, CheckPoint HR is revolutionizing how employers finance and administer employee benefits, shifting the decision making from employers to employees while reducing administration costs.

CheckPointChoice provides a Web-based, self-service platform that enables employers to offer a broad range of benefit products to employees, while removing themselves from the decision making process. The foundation of CheckPointChoice was built on CheckPoint HR’s industry leading payroll solution for seamless integration of all benefit administration processes.

The CheckPoint Value Proposition

  • Greater Choice – Offer a larger benefit selection that actually meets the individual needs of employees – employees receive far greater value
  • Simplify Selection – Simplify the benefit selection process while enhancing the results for your valued employees
  • Reduce Administrative Tasks – Seamless integration with CheckPoint HR’s payroll to enhance benefits offered and improve employee satisfaction while minimizing administrative tasks
  • Contain Costs – Establish a fixed budget for your annual benefit offerings while providing employees with a variety of options

Major Partners

  • Assurant
  • MetLife
  • VSP – Vision care for life

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